Federal Income Taxes
Taxation with minimal representation is the “mainstream” way our politicians seem to operate. We are taxed and overtaxed to support many government agendas that are in direct conflict to our national interests. It is time to change that. It is time to have the taxpayers and their voices to be heard. The current system of spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars with little or no regard to how hard the average taxpayers had to work to pay their tax burden escapes the politicians. It is as if the money is not real money. The value behind the source of these funds they so eagerly and freely “spend” and give away is never on a politician’s mind. Politicians receive a great salary and terrific benefits, while the average taxpayer works for many months just to pay their taxes.

It is time to seriously consider making changes to our broken federal tax code. The current system is fraught with hundreds and thousands of pages of “codes” and regulations requiring most honest hardworking Americans to retain the services of a professional accountant and or tax attorney to prepare their tax returns. That is wrong.

The current Federal income tax system is designed AGAINST the hard working middle class taxpayer. The very wealthy retain tax consultants/attorneys and make business decisions based on tax implications (rather than sound business considerations) resulting in reduced and extremely limited tax bill. In fact they may pay no taxes at all. The poor often have insufficient income thresholds and pay little or no tax at all. Many actually file Federal income tax returns only to receive “tax refunds” instead of paying taxes. Large Corporations and businesses have tax accountants on their payrolls, while small business owners without special tax accountants end up paying more. The current system is rigged to benefit the wealthy and penalize small businesses and the middle class.

Senior citizens who work to supplement their income after retirement are taxed through an offset of their retirement pay and benefits. Average people with some savings pay taxes on the meager interest they earn. The system discourages savings, in fact interest (dividends) on savings are taxed. Rather, the system encourages spending and borrowing. Interest paid is deductable while interest earned is taxed. It is indeed time for an alternative tax strategy to be seriously discussed, considered and implemented that is fair and equitable to all. The new Federal tax system should be simple and not convoluted. I believe it must consist of two parts.

Personal income taxes (Federal): Filing personal income taxes must be abolished and eliminated completely. It should be replaced by a national Federal sales (consumption) tax set at a few percentage points of the sales price of products. The product and or goods sold must be inclusive of the tax in the listed and or advertised price. The tax must not appear as an “additional” fee in the sales transaction. This would be similar to the European Value Added Tax (VAT) system. This new consumption tax should be phased in over a five year period and should be coordinated with and or collected through existing state tax agencies. No other taxes would be due from individuals. Most states currently have a state sales tax imposed as a percentage of the sale price of goods/products, so by adding a few percentage points for a Federal tax would treat everyone equally regardless of income.

With this system people can make life decisions that best suits them. We would all be treated equally under the law. Renters and homeowners will be treated alike, single or married status would not matter, one child or five, again it is a personal choice, you want to leave your valuable to your heirs, the government would not be able to tax you. Government would no longer dictate our life choices. People will make life decisions based on their values and not ones imposed by the politicians. Savors can save, spenders will continue to spend. Our seniors will no longer be penalized for working to supplement their income. Tax “cheats” will almost disappear. Employers will continue to collect social security and other programs, but not federal taxes.

Corporations and Businesses (Federal): Corporate and business taxes would also be set at a few percentage points of gross income (total corporate and business operations) regardless of location. Corporations and businesses will have mixed reactions. Those legally avoiding paying taxes through convoluted and creative techniques will lose their ability to do so. They will start paying taxes. Small businesses on the other hand will see positive changes and coupled with training and employment incentives of veterans and seniors, they will overcome the financial handicaps they currently face. Businesses as well as corporation will be forced to make decisions on the legitimate business merits and not on tax considerations.

As Americans we all must contribute and bear an equal share of the tax burden similarly the politicians must not “spend” freely. All programs requiring Federal funding must be thoroughly evaluated and prioritized. Our politicians perhaps will be finally “forced” into making budgetary decisions with our national interest first and foremost and not waste taxpayer dollars on unnecessary military adventurism or on foreign aid. American taxpayer dollars should be used to improve the lives of Americans and on America’s interests above all others.

Our future depends on it, our children deserve better, we all deserve better.

Time for New Leadership!


Recognizing Genocide
My fellow Americans, it is be One Hundred two years since the great ethnic cleansing by the Ottoman Empire of a select group of its subjects. The Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and many other Christian minorities who were systematically butchered, removed from their homelands and forced into massive migrations. My grandparents were part of that group that suffered severe loses around the turn of the century.

Yes, it was war and yes, the Christians sided with Christian Russia against the Islamic overlords the Ottomans. War or not, systematic decimation of indigenous populations was carried out and history is very clear of the events, yet 102 years later, we as the world’s only remaining superpower have not recognized the events for what they were GENOCIDE.

So many other nations have come to terms and let their conscious make the decision, even the Russian Federation has finally recognized the Armenian Genocide, yet we remain resolute in our support for the Turkish Republic (the remnant of what was once the Ottoman Empire). We are politically tied with them and year after year place the military alliance of NATO (which Turkey is a member of) and the fact that we have military bases in Turkey cloud our judgment leading to our inaction.

Today the Turkish republic which was restructured by the late Kemal Ataturk to be a secular republic is slipping back to the dark days of yesteryear. It is fast repeating the horrible crimes committed against the great Armenian, Assyrian, Greek and other Christian populations during the previous century. The United States of America and the European countries are morbidly silent! Why do we allow this to happen?

Turkey suppresses any free press and their academics who dare to point out differences with the current regime are often harassed and jailed. We must sever all strategic and military cooperation with ruthless dictators. Politicians must not be bought by or lobbied on behalf of foreign governments and they must be held accountable.

We must close the US/NATO military bases in Turkey.

We, as a God fearing nation must insist that our leaders recognize the genocide of the previous century.

As your congressman, I will fight relentlessly to have this atrocity to be finally recognized as GENOCIDE!

Military Adventurism
The military industrial complex has ruled over and controlled our politicians for a very long time. Military procurement and logistics decisions are not based on the needs of the military services nor are they in the long term best interests of our country. Decisions are prepared by lobbyists for the politicians who vote and cement the deals. Look at the most recent procurement of the new stealth bomber, over sixty billion dollars, or how about the recent revelation that the Pentagon built in Afghanistan a gas station (no-bid contract) for $43,000,000.00 (forty three million dollars) compared to an average cost of $500,000.00 (half a million dollars) and the Pentagon refuses to release details of this no bid contract. Do politicians understand those numbers, or have they become numb and accustomed to spend and spend with total disregard and wanton?

We are all Americans and as Americans we should strive to address the needs of our people here at home. Our military industrial machine and their lobbyists continue to generate a new “BAD GUY” every few years for us to go after and through military engagement attempt to destroy at great expense and sacrifice our great young men and women in uniform and steadily add to the ever mounting national debt. Military hardware costs are in the billions, costs of conflicts are almost immeasurable.

In fact the politicians and military lobbyists have become bolder and actually plan for and advocate the overthrow of other governments through force. What would our reactions be if another country made a similar attempt to topple our government by force? Needless to say we would all be against such attempts. Yet, our politicians do not take the time to contemplate such scenarios. Warfare has changed dramatically from the World War II days, even from the Korean and Vietnam days.

As a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United States provides a large military presence and “protection” to Europe at great expense to the American taxpayers. The USSR was defeated and the WARSAW pact was dissolved. Germany was re-united. We have no real military adversaries other than the ones we create. Yet, we continue to add new member countries to the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO). Why, with no WARSAW alliance, why do we continue to grow the NATO alliance? Clearly because it benefits the military industrial conglomerates, as it certainly is not for the safety and security of our great country or Europe! Europe should be responsible for and fund its own defense.

With military installations in hundreds of locations around the globe, ours is clearly not a Department of Defense. Defense should be focused on the homeland and not overseas. Let Europe, Japan and other locations fund and regain responsibilities to defend their own. We should not and cannot afford to continue on this path. Our young military men and women volunteer to defend the USA, not Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, England, Japan or any other country where we have military installations. All U.S. military and logistic installation should be relocated to the mainland and US territories. Protecting the homeland must be our priority.

Our leadership readily sends our sons and daughters to war, as the first and only tool to address the conflict (real or “made up”). Would politicians send their own sons and daughters to war so readily? Diplomacy has been “forgotten” and or rarely employed. We often refuse to communicate with what we consider adversaries. How can conflicts and or misunderstandings be resolved without dialogue, unless the intent is the use of force? Have we learned anything from the blunders of Vietnam, the invasion of Iraq, the tragedy of Libya and now the ongoing tragedy in Syria? What country or group will they target next?

Our politicians continue on the path of aggressive confrontation instead of dialogue and diplomacy. In fact they have recently admitted that our government has been coordinating with, funding and providing training, equipment and logistics in foreign countries in secret to fight and overthrow the “host” country’s legitimate government. Some figures provided to the U.S. Congress at a recent hearing admitted to spending over FIVE HUNDRED MILLION Dollars to train a few “moderate” terrorists. Imagine that, to secretly plot for, train, equip and fund “moderate” terrorists with our tax dollars, to overthrow other legitimate governments, all in secret. By undertaking aggressive actions and destroying other countries, the politicians have seriously compromised and degraded our security by inviting others to do in our homeland the same thing we do in theirs.

History is there for us to learn from, to repeat the good and great lessons and concurrently avoid the bad ones. Yet rarely does our government and politicians review history and emulate the lessons learned. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future is at stake. They deserve better.

Time for New Leadership!

National Debt
Our national debt is out of control. It is more than Twenty Trillion Dollars and growing daily. Our politicians pay lip service to making any changes to address and or to reverse the pattern that created and continues to add to our national debt. Our politicians do not seem to care, as it will be inherited and paid for by our children and grandchildren. The jaws of the special interests and military industrial lobbyists are constantly in the ears of our elected government officials to fund their pet projects (of course with reciprocity through campaign contributions). In Washington it is the loudest voices and largest campaign contributors that get the attention and the corresponding legislation.

A few days ago, the Pentagon announced plans for a new Stealth Bomber at an initial cost of over $60,000,000,000,000.00. Yes, that is Sixty Billion Dollars, and that is the initial estimate. Historically, estimates are traditionally on the very low end, and “cost” overruns are the normal in defense contracts. It is outrageous that this kind of spending of taxpayer funds are routinely committed without regards to the long term effects of our foreign policy and our national debt.

Additionally and coupled with the excessive Pentagon spending our foreign “aid” is equally out of control. For example, the most recent figures of tax payer dollars “GIVEN AWAY” by our government in the last fiscal year was over $40,000,000,000,000.00! Yes that is Forty Billion Dollars through which we continue to “buy” friends with our foreign “aid”, while we are actually mortgaging our children’s future by borrowing money to give away. It is insane. Imagine a family deeply in debt that continues to borrow more to give away. This borders on treasonous acts by politicians, as our elected government official continues to burden our children with massive debts just so they give away to “friends and foes” indiscriminately.

We must address domestic issues BEFORE worrying about issues in other countries as we cannot continue to keep supporting the world and keeping getting deeper and deeper in debt in the process. It is time that together we change that cancerous “spendthrift” system. Imagine the additional benefits to the economy if all those “foreign” aid dollars are spent at home from increased employment, reduction in our tax rates, and repairs to our infrastructure.

Time for New Leadership!

Protect the Homeland
Our Constitution specifies that protecting the homeland should be one of the prime goals of the government. Yet our government fails to do so. Our focus for “defense” has been based on the old “cold war” strategy that is completely obsolete. In the process we have established hundreds of military installations in as many countries. Today, we would be hard pressed to actually identify any region in the globe where we do not have military installations. We are obsessed with projection of power overseas, and have in the process made our mainland vulnerable. It is time we reassess this policy and bring our young men and women of the military home.

Our leaders fail to recognize that the future of military engagement and the related theaters have changed dramatically.

Today, we have dramatic positioning and logistical capabilities that were unavailable before. We can transport units and equipment just about anywhere in the globe within a twenty four hour period. So why do we continue to negotiate and pay exorbitant funds to keep and establish new military installation overseas? Our capabilities have changed, our policy has not.

While I am a strong advocate for repositioning our military installations here at home, I am certainly not suggesting that we cut the number of our current military personnel (that is a separate issue); rather I am suggesting that all those military personnel be stationed on the U.S. mainland and U.S. territories.
These military members currently “spend” the salaries we pay them in foreign lands. These salaries benefit the foreign host countries where they are assigned, not businesses in the homeland. When these same personnel are assigned on the U.S. mainland and U. S. territories, those salaries will be spent here and would benefit our country and NOT FOREIGN COUNTRIES!

As noted previously, our politicians at a recent congressional hearing publically admitted to training, arming and equipping “moderate” terrorists secretly to fight against and to overthrow the legal governments of other countries. Not only did they spend over five hundred million dollars, but that they continue to do so. The politicians have destroyed any credibility we had in the world as a peace loving nation, they destroyed the empathy we enjoyed and shared after the great tragedy of 9/11.

By undertaking aggressive actions in other countries, the politicians have seriously compromised and degraded our security by inviting others to do in our homeland the same thing we do in theirs. The politicians continue to make abhorrent and callous decisions and pose grave threats to our security. It is time that together we demand change.

As a retired military officer, I will work very hard to keep our people safe from terrorism at home and abroad.


We Are All Americans
“We the People of the United States of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.


These are the actual words written in the Constitution of the United States BEFORE any of the specific articles that address the formation and separation of our three branches of government. Please note it states very clearly WE THE PEOPLE. It does not state, we the men or women rather the Constitution is for We the People” which is inclusive of All Americans.


It is an absolute shame that we are so fragmented as a nation into different groups or categories of group such as Native American Indians, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, LGBT Americans, and the list goes on and on. When we are segregated into small groups, we lose the power of We the People and replace it with a much smaller voice of We the (fill in the blanks).


The United States of America is the only remaining super power on this planet and why is that? The main factor is the fact the United States is a cohesive representation of millions of people with a common heritage and guiding principles established in our Constitution. Together we are strong, separate and divide us and we become weak. We have applied this principal throughout the globe. We weaken others through division whether by national origin, race, or other factors. Yet, here we have remained strong because of our union. This was the vision of our forefathers when they drafted the Constitution, We the People!


We must take notice and reflect on the suffering experienced by the various groups in their struggles to attain recognition as equal partners in our society. For some the struggles lasted decades for others it is still ongoing. While we believe in an equal society the reality is that there are many that continue to face discrimination in an overt manner, while some in subtle manners. Many continue to focus on rhetoric than to acknowledge and articulate sober-minded policy proposals of equality for all. We must continue to learn and mature in our thinking and actions. For our nation to be truly united we must embrace our differences and rejoice in our diversity. It will surely be a very boring society if were all the same, therefore we must declare that our greatness and power is due to our diversity for we are “We the People”.


To the rest of the world, we are a strong nation, but the truth is far from that. As a divided people, we cannot sustain our strength. We must revisit the reasons for our divisive approaches to our fellow Americans and embrace the undisputable facts that together we will succeed and apart we will fail. It is time for divisive attitudes to be replaced by inclusive approaches throughout our land. We are all Americans!


As diverse as we are, and as a united people we must continue to strive towards greatness by not forgetting those overlooked or neglected in our society for their struggles are real and their pain is genuine. Join us in celebrating our cultural backgrounds, our heritage and most importantly our individual freedoms to be ourselves in our own wonderful and all inclusive United States of America. God Bless the USA!


As your congressman I am committed to fight for equality for All Americans!  

Vote Career Politicians out - We All Deserve Better
With politicians’ approval ratings in the low teens, how is it possible for incumbents to get re-elected into office election after election?

While the system favors incumbents, we, the voters actually get to chose who should and will represent us in the government. It is time we chose someone who will actually represents the interests of the voters and not the special lobbyists. Politicians have forgotten the voters who sent them there and whom they should be serving. Look at their donors (WWW.FEC.GOV) and you will see where their donations are coming from and who they actually represent!

Do not send career politicians to the US Congress. These “IDIOTS” have put us in 20 + Trillion dollars in debt. They have spent so much on needless wars and are always finding “creating” new “Bad Guys” to go after. Our country has been in perpetual wars for decades. We are currently saddled with a congress NOT focused on domestic issues their priorities are continued overseas military adventures. Politicians are bankrupting our economy.

By undertaking aggressive actions and destroying other countries, the politicians have seriously compromised and degraded our security by inviting others to do in our homeland the same thing we do in theirs. Even today our government continues to interfere in other countries’ affairs, our politicians have not learned from the mistakes of the past, will they ever?

It is time to send a clear and loud message. Change is here! With your support and votes, it is my honor and privilege to undertake the challenge to be your choice for congress in California’s 29th Congressional District. I will work hard and diligently for you and represent the best interests of the District, California and our great country above all others.

Time for New Leadership!


Can We Trust Our Politicians?
No more politicians for U.S. Office. These “Idiots” have put us in 20+ Trillion Dollars in debt! They don’t care
about us “The People” or America’s future. They have abandoned us the constituents who elected them and
no longer serve the needs of the people and our communities. They promise but never deliver.

Why politicians never answer direct questions? Have you ever noticed when a politician is asked a question,
their answers are rehearsed, memorized and scripted just like a young student before taking a middle school
exam. They stick to their “Talking Points” to advance their agenda. They do not want to respond for fear of
giving the wrong answer!

Can we trust politicians who only respond from “CANNED” talking points?
Can we trust politicians who cannot make their own decisions?
Can we trust politicians who don’t respond to our issues, but only advance theirs?
Can we trust politicians who cannot relate to our priorities, again only advancing theirs?
Can we trust politicians who receive endless campaign contributions from special interests?

My concerns were confirmed while during a recent nationally televised debate, and to my surprise one
candidate even after being questioned about his rehearsed “canned” talking points as his responses, kept
repeating the same response over and over. He did not hear the question and clearly did not “catch” himself
repeating his mantra, not just once, not twice, but often. He was an embarrassment not only to himself and
political party, but to the entire political arena.

Our politicians appear angry about something or another. They clearly do not relate to the daily issues facing
ordinary Americans. Our politicians are fixated on the WWI and WWII mantra “USA GOOD, RUSSIA BAD” and
have made every effort to engage in military conflicts against our best interests. We need to move on. Quit
provoking war with other nations fix our own problems of which we have plenty. We deserve better!

As your congressman I am committed to fight for what is best for our communities and great country!


Joe Shammas
For Congress

Integrity  |  Commitment  |  Leadership

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